Memory Lives on


Memory Lives onThis piece is driven from a type of dome, which has been used in southern parts of Iran, Iraq, and some other neighbor countries. One of the differences of these domes with other domes in Islamic countries and the domes in the region is that in these domes the aesthetic aspects depend on the shape and form of the dome itself (in other domes the aesthetic aspect is relied on the tile working, painting, etc.).The main characteristic of these domes is evolution from a simple polygon to a more complex and more mature polygon in its movement towards the top of the dome. In fact these domes encounter a kind of evolution and development.

The ladder shape of the dome is a kind of metaphor for spiritual maturity of a human being and reaching to the universe quintessence and Godliness. The philosophy of the construction of these domes step by step associates spiritual return of human towards Unitarianism.

The other matter is the point of view of spectator. This time, opposed to the expectations, the dome is represented horizontally not vertically which represents another sight for the spectator.

More important is the UV color used to cover this piece. With the presence of black lights in the exhibition space, by passing time, the color of the piece changes. During daylight the color of the piece is steel. As it gets darker gradually the piece becomes red in color. With this color changing during day and night, it gives a sense of vitality.

I have made this piece to honor memory of my father.