Do You See Me!


This artwork emphasis on one of the human’s basic needs that features “To Be Seen”. The heavy load that this phrase brings is equal to other statements such as having equal rights, being under attention, being affective, being affected and many other similar needs.
Paying enough attention to the Blind population of Iran as a number of citizens in this country, which are always suffering from lack of attention and being unaccountable, whom counterfeit many problems, lead us to the phrase that “They Are Not Seen”.
Neglecting the fundamental needs of the blind such as transportation, offering proper jobs, good living conditions, environmental adaptation and so many others, is a matter of consideration in many countries.
This artwork consists of some silvered lamps, pitched on the wall in the figure of “Do You See Me!” in the Braille fonts.
Utilizing the lamps in this artwork as the source of light (light, information, brightness and wisdom), and the mirror effects of the silvered lamp’s surface that barricade the transition of light and keeps the lights and brightness behind itself, is similar to the Braille fonts which carry many information insides and you will be able to understand the meaning and get through the source of information only by touching the fonts.
By the fact, when you get close to the lamps, it will be possible for you to understand the hidden information, warmness and the main objective of the artwork by touching and feeling it.
When bystanders get close to the artwork, they can see their pictures and become curious to discover the secret inside it, and at last find nothing except themselves.
Eventually, viewers recognize the name of the artwork and see themselves in the lamps, which is the final step for completion of this artwork.

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