The Undones

The Undones / Mohsen Gallery / Tehran / Iran / 2011

21 – 26 October 20111. Sometimes the artist has some ideas for his project, but he can’t fulfill them because of different reasons:
Maybe it is a single artwork and can’t be included in any of his collections, maybe he doesn’t have enough money, sometimes the censorship is the barrier, sometimes the idea is suitable for another medium, etc.
In result, he doesn’t produce the artwork.
In the present exhibition we wanted to give a chance to these unfulfilled ideas, and to those unfinished works, to be done.
2. Sculpturing was my concern, so I preferred tow kinds of artists to be in this exhibition: the sculptors and the artist who have made sculpture, though they are not sculptors. There is an opportunity to watch their works together.Hamed Rashtian
October 2011